(new) Wenzhou Zhengchang Machinery Co.,Ltd" />(new) Wenzhou Zhengchang Machinery Co.,Ltd" />

                                                    RUIAN HONGGUANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD
                                                    (new) Wenzhou Zhengchang Machinery Co.,Ltd

                                                    The main products are:
                                                    Two to five co-extruded blown film composite rotary head unit, PE Shrink units, rotary head polypropylene units, series of dual-use high-pressure polyethylene blown film unit...

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                                                    About Us

                                                    In the machine field,"Hongguang" has fast developed by study and apply advanced technique."Hongguang" machinery has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system and own imports and exports right.According to the service concept of "cast elaborate,good faith manager"."Hongguang" Machinery provides lifelong maintenance for all the products that it sells.At the same time,according to the different production conditions and capabilities of different customers,we provide convient,scientific and economic project budget plans.


                                                    The main products:
                                                    Learn about our products can fit your company's needs:

                                                    Contact Us

                                                    RUIAN HONGGUANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD
                                                    (new) Wenzhou Zhengchang Machinery Co.,Ltd

                                                    ADDRESS:B13-1, WANQUAN LIGHT INDUSTRY BASE , PINGYANG
                                                    +86-577-65162333 / 65161771 65161770
                                                    Ms. Pan

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